About the Site

There are numerous reasons for constructing the web site, not the least of which are the decades of controversy that surrounded the David Waterson Memorial Collection, now thankfully resolved, due to several frank and open discussions between Mr. Atkinson of Angus Council’s Cultural Services and the David Waterson Trust.

 It has to be acknowledged that the DWMC is not as originally presented due to detailed inventories not having been taken at the time of the presentation over half a century ago and a couple of replacements needed since because of earlier misappropriations

 Ms Roche from the British Museum worked her magic by allowing access to the archives at Blythe House, Hammersmith, London and the amazing collection of mezzotints handed in by DW in the early 1900’s however access to those in heavenly corridors who witnessed the handing over of the DWMC has proven to be beyond any earthly power! 

This web site will be updated on a regular basis and anyone who can supply further information for examination by DWT, would be appreciated.  Other information and any new images would also be very much appreciated via “your feedback” on the home page.  We know from inventories of earlier DW’s exhibitions that hundreds more have yet to be added to this expanding Virtual Gallery

 This site is a solid foundation for further research with the ultimate aim of recording as much information of David Waterson’s life and works as possible and in order to retain the integrity of our intent, to share, not only the British Museum’s collection, but all of our continuing research with Art Galleries and art lovers everywhere