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List of works held by DWT on behalf of Brechin

Alex Anderson Warwick Untitled Pastel 205 x 135 1947 Untitled WC 215 x 145 Mr Compton All work in progress pastels unframed Frosty Morning 250 x 135 2 8 Jan 1930 Poppies 325 x 278 Poppies 280 x 330 Poppies 325 x 279 Dr Ian Fallows Tibby’s traction engine story book (11 pages) PC from […]

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AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM of the DWT was held in Brechin last Saturday and our thanks again to Messrs Savills for use of their boardroom. Office bearers were reappointed as before and the treasurer Mike Mitchell’s accounts were approved. The last joint exhibition in conjunction with Angus Council was hailed to be a huge success and […]

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Sketch book “Pitlochry” donated to DWT by Mr Ewan Haggart

I am delighted to report that in the few years since the inception of the David Waterson Trust (DWT) the DWT has laid a strong foundation for its continuing research. The Brechin Advertiser has played an important part by recording earlier events which started with the dogged determination of the late Councillor George Allen, this […]

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The Jujube and the Traction Engine

Dr Ian Fallows in his address to the large crowd who gathered to witness the joint exhibition of paintings that had been gifted to the people of Brechin made reference to DW’s very close association with Tibbie Taggart as a child and in later life when he sketched and painted Tibbie. Dr Fallows referred to […]

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Joint exhibition of paintings held in trust for the people of Brechin – full transcript of Dr Ian Fallow’s opening address

The Waterson Trust Collection together with the Waterson Memorial Collection A joint exhibition of paintings and etchings by Brechin artist David Waterson 1870-1954 held in the Brechin Town House Museum and Gallery opened on 24th July 2015 by Dr Ian Fallows from Leeds May I first of all, since I’m not known to many of […]

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DW joint exhibition in the Old Town House Museum and Gallery hailed a great success

Brechiners will be aware of the past history of the Old Town House – from Chinese restaurant, clothes shop, redundant building offered for lease to Ribbon revival, a company that refilled ink cartridges, I am now overjoyed to be able to report that the only revival of any importance was clearly evident at the opening of the joint exhibition of David Waterson’s works last Friday evening – long may this building be used for such gatherings to encourage and promote Brechin’s history, heritage, arts and architecture etc and I am looking forward to local artist David Adam’s forthcoming talk on this current exhibition. Friday evening can best be described as Biblical in proportion, from the time the rain storms abated allowing the brass ensemble from Brechin City Band to “blast off” with “Blue Moon – you saw me standing alone” the magic of their collective sound drew vast crowds, no longer alone, that later saw Ms G, from a certain Brechin firm, thrill us all with an impromptu jig – caught on camera! Staff from Angus Council and members of the David Waterson Trust, with a little help from our friend Marshall, poured the wine and walked around with salvers of tasty nibbles for the 90 strong crowd who had gathered but it was another feast that awaited, described by Dr Ian Fallows when opening the exhibition, “I simply say to you all, let us enjoy once more this feast of art put before us, and can we all remember with gratitude the work of David Waterson.” Earlier John Johnston of Angus Council invited Dr Ian Fallows to open the exhibition and having met Dr Fallows on a couple of occasions I was very much looking forward to hearing his distinct Yorkshire accent  that reminded me of the two years I lived in Yorkshire and of the friendliness of the people – we were not to  be disappointed.Dr Fallows told us of the close association of the Taggarts and the Watersons and how they  met “They shared a lot of interests, first of all arts, literature, very interested in literature, my aunt was a  very good linguist, in fact her grandson is here standing at the back, Brian Townsend who is just as good a  linguist as his granny used to be, they were interested in politics, literature, music and David Waterson  shared all these interests with them, and it was a friendship which was very deep and lasted for 50 years   This is where my original connection with Brechin came from.” Dr Fallows praised the work of the DWT and AC “I think it’s absolutely wonderful, I was thrilled when I saw it, at first this morning, in its raw state and I was delighted when I went over to that case there, that the first picture I saw was a drawing of my mother!” Dr Fallows gave an interesting insight into the earlier life of David Waterson between the years 1902 and 1910 “when he was a young man, full of life and enthusiasm and a constant visitor to the Taggart household where he was drawing Tibby as a little girl, who as a friend, he played very much the position of Lewis Carrol as in “Alice in Wonderland” and I have here a little booklet which is one of the books which David Waterson drew for Tibby, this is Tibby’s own book and is a delightful little thing, ten pages of lovely drawings and writings designed to keep a small child happy” (three examples can be seen in the private collections of -Tibby’s stories) And of one of DW’s trip back to Scotland, together with the Taggarts, “in a somewhat racy letter where he  talks about booking their cabins for their sea trip from London up to Dundee, because they were coming  up by sea,” and at another point, “I must go now because I have to get back home and send six pictures  to Sweden immediately and he underlines immediately!” Dr Fallows then charged the DWT with the task of  tracking down the cache of paintings that must obviously still be in Sweden – strange given his close friendship with the King […]

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Alex Anderson’s donation to the DWT

My long association with the investigation into the works of David Waterson has taken me to many cities throughout the UK – London, Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee to name but a few, these public collections along with several other individual collections of David Waterson’s works, can be seen by visiting Brechin […]

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Fourth AGM

Chairman John Ritchie welcomed the several trustees who attended the fourth AGM of the David Waterson Trust (DWT) on Saturday past and thanked Messrs Savills for the use of their boardroom once again Office bearers were returned to their respective positions, treasurer Mike Mitchell presented the accounts thanking Mark Taylor for auditing the accounts Mike […]

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