1858 16 June

King Gustav of Sweden born

1862  7 Aug

Princess Victoria of Baden born

26 May 1867

Queen Mary Born

12 Oct 1870

David Waterson born


Helen Munro (Tibby’s mum) born


Ann Wallis DW’s wife born

1881 20 Sept

King Gustav married Princess Victoria of Baden


First pastel in our possession by Waterson – “Mr Cuthill up at the sound of the bird”


Ann Munro (Helen’s sister) born (according to her son Ian Fallows – DW reputedly wanted to marry this lady) also twin brother James who died 1968

July 1891

The Science and Art Department have initiated the following awards to the Edinburgh School of Art from the national competition of works sent for examination from the Art Schools of the United Kingdom.  Bronze medal David Waterson for group in watercolours.

Dec 1891

The Harrow” (810) by David Waterson, deserves high commendation for the spirited drawing of the horses and their driver.  Knowledge of form and movement of animals is very finely displayed.”

July 6 1893

Queen Mary married King George V

Early 1900’s

Sir Seymour Heyden the then President of Society of Painters-Etchers and Engravers commented “Here at last is genius” upon receipt of a sample of David Waterson’s work

1901 10 Jan

Became an Associate member of the then Royal Society of Painters-Etchers

2 July 1902

Helen Munro married James Taggart at Aberdeen


James Taggart takes up post Physics Master at Brechin High School (according to Ian Fallows they would have been seen as the gilded couple!)


Ann Munro joined BHS as a pupil from Dundee High and stayed with her sister and James Taggart whilst in Brechin.  She didn’t like Dundee High (unfortunate experience!)

1903 Apr 3rd

Tibby Taggart born 23 Panmure Street


David Waterson visited Paris


Donated portfolio of 34 Mezzotints to British Museum

1905 Dec 28

James Tibby’s brother born 23 Park Road Brechin


David Waterson exhibited in Dresden


James Tibby’s brother died


David Waterson visited Paris

1907 8 Dec

King Gustav succeeded father to Swedish throne


Ann Wallis (David Waterson’s wife) joined staff of BHS

1909 July

David Waterson visited Paris with James and Helen Taggart – see portrait etching of Helen Taggart.  They saw Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde at the Paris Opera House – sure of date because it was the same week Louis Bleriot became the first person to fly an aeroplane across the channel (25th July 1909)


Eleanor (Tibby’s sister) born

1910 17 Feb

Became a Fellow of Royal Society of Painters-Etchers


Exhibited Montrose Museum


Joseph Munro – head of Munro family died


Mary became Queen – Waterson requested paintings for
Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House


Exhibited Brechin
“Mr David Waterson’s “Arbroath” etchings combine homeliness and romance in a way that is very rare and if I had a good Cameron romantic etching in the grand manner, I think I should like as a companion such a print as Mr Waterson’s sunset view of Arbroath which is pure romance on a minor key”


David Waterson visited Paris – many works by the artist indicate this


James Taggart appointed as head of Brechin High School


David Waterson painted oil portrait of Tibby Taggart
Painted portrait Alice Thornton


Painted portrait George Alexander Scott
Meg Napier (best friend of Tibby) born

Feb 1914

The Royal Society of Painters-Etchers and Engravers is holding its thirty-second annual exhibition.  It would be rash to say that its present display of work is better than any of those by which it has been preceded; but it is not easy to imagine that any similar exhibition could reach a higher level of quality.  Here is as much variety and originality and true sense of art as could be found anywhere in an equal space and the first impression left by a survey of the walls at 5a Pall Mall East is that our etchers and mezzotinters are at present leading the world.  In mezzotint Mr David Waterson threatens to surpass his master, Sit Frank Short.  “The Castle on the Moor” with its piled-up clouds combines power, softness and breadth of effect in an extraordinary degree and the same qualities are to be found in “One Summer’s Day” which is a quite beautiful achievement.

Feb 14 1916

Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (Scotland) along with fellow Brechiner Alexander Phillip LL.B FRSE The Mary Acre, Brechin


James Taggart retired due to ill-health

July 1923

Letter from Queen Mother re wedding gift of Illuminated address – Queen Mother married

30 Dec 1924

David Waterson and Ann Wallis were married


James Taggart died – funeral attended by D Waterson


Exhibited Montrose Museum
Donated 19 Mezzotints to British Museum

1930 4 April

Princess Victoria – Queen Victoria of Sweden died


Made a Burgess of Brechin

May 1934

Provost Lyell at Montrose Town Council last night intimated a gift of an oil painting of the late Provost John Milne from his son ex Baillie John G Milne Green Park Montrose


King Gustav of Sweden died


Exhibited Angus Artists – Montrose

24 Mar 1953

Queen Mary died

1954 12 Jan

Became an Honorary Retired Fellow of Royal Society of Painters Etchers and Engravers


Granted Freedom of Brechin City a few days before he died

12 April 1954

David Waterson died at Stracathro Hospital


Brechin Memorial Exhibition opened by Provost Eddie


Mrs Waterson donated portfolio 26 Mezzotints, Glasgow
Mrs Waterson donated one dry point to British Museum
Mrs Waterson presented 46 works to Dundee University

27 Sep 1956

Helen Taggart (Munro) died Stracathro Hospital


Mrs Waterson presented the David Waterson Memorial Collection of 45 works to the people of Brechin

22 Sept 1967

Ann Wallis (Mrs Waterson) died


Mike Mitchell exhibition Brechin


Perth Exhibition


Brechin Exhibition


Old Brechin Townhouse Museum – Exhibition