Second AGM

How time flies!  An expression that has been uttered countless times and again last week when chairman of the David Waterson Trust welcomed trustees to the second AGM held in the Northern Hotel – our thanks to the owners and staff for their continued support.  Office bearers were re-elected – John Ritchie in the chair, Ewan Haggart vice-chair, Dr Hamish Greig, secretary and Mike Mitchell finance

Not wishing to spend too much time dwelling on the past; the past two years has seen the construction and development of the web site a testament to the hard work of the trustees and a reminder of the many talents of DW and his amazingly talented wife – a strong foundation has been laid for future advancement

Those who don’t have internet access can avail themselves of the facilities at Brechin Library where staff will be able to direct to the web site and to DW’s magnificent variety of skills, links to an eventful past and where the David Waterson Memorial Collection, owned by the Brechin people, continues to receive the most hits

We must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Angus Council Cultural Services who exhibited the entire DWMC in the Old Town House Museum – ex Brechin Provost, the late and much admired Sandy Buchan’s comments in the Brechiner of Aug 1985, “Perhaps a start could be made to remind Brechiners what their collection looks like” a reminder indeed of how time flies!

New trustee Karenina Johnson was introduced to the trustees, a welcome reinforcement in the tasks that lie ahead, much of which is confidential at the moment and the subject of on-going discussions with Angus Council Cultural Services – exciting prospects that will be made public at the earliest opportunity

Our main task for 2012 will be to finalise the amazing collection of DW’s poems, the tracking down of countless elusive works still to be unearthed and to investigate the possibilities of an exhibition of DW’s finest works to coincide with the Commonwealth Games.

The meeting ended with the financial statement and take this opportunity to invite new annual or life memberships – contact Mike Mitchell please

It is hoped that very soon the complete collection of over 500 poems written by DW and categorized into 10 different folders by trustee Ken MacAskill will be made available and we are looking for volunteers to help out with proof reading and final transcription in conjunction with AC staff at Restenneth in Forfar

One such poem from the Brechin folder reminds us that times have indeed changed!

The Sabbath Wark

Somebody’s knocking in nails on Sunday

I can hear the hammer dunt

What if it’s someone that can’t wait till Monday

Or something that won’t

Merrily the sparrow cheep and larks aroon the kirk

Where Oh I can see the howkit earth below the weepin’ birk

Harken! Hammering on a kist in the kirktime

An psalms singing dowf

Bless the quiet sunsheen and waery for the wirktime

For you dark howf

A blessin and the lilt o’ the glad spring tide

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