Robert and Pamela Stevens Collection

Fifty six years ago the Brechin Advertiser gave an account of the presentation ceremony when over 40 works by David Waterson were handed over to the people of Brechin – “The pictures will be known as the David Waterson Collection and will form a lasting memorial in honour of an artist who spent a lifetime in revealing and recording for posterity the hidden beauties of his native city.” This collection is held by Angus Council on behalf of the people of Brechin

Earlier in the year, my good friend the late Robert Stevens donated his entire collection of “Watersons,” similar in number to that of the D W Collection, to the safe-keeping of the David Waterson Trust on the strict understanding that they also remained in the ownership of the Brechin people and we hope soon to exhibit what is to be known as the “Robert and Pamela Stevens Collection.”

Robert ensured that his collection was handed over in mint condition having overseen their restoration and reframing

During the time of the DW Trust’s search for DW’s works, Robert and I were both surprised and shocked to learn of the collection of 57 mezzotints and etchings that had lain under cover for more than one- hundred years in the British Museum in London

There are several other collections of DW’s works and the “Robert and Pamela Stevens Collection” is another hugely important donation to the people of Brechin

I’m mindful of Mrs Waterson’s conclusion to her presentation – “Those who pursue Art from love of the Art and with nobleness of mind are to be commended above all others”

This wonderful and beautiful gift to the people of Brechin will soon be identified as such within, “a lasting memorial” to Robert who has to be commended for this generous and selfless act

John Ritchie


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